Miss Misunderstood

Miss Misunderstood By Wysteriashin

Miss Misunderstood Summary

*DEAR READERS, THIS STORY IS ABOUT CHEATING AND THE IMPACT IT HAS ON THE PERSON WHO HAS BEEN BETRAYED. SOME CHAPTERS ARE TOO HEAVY TO READ BECAUSE THEY ADDRESS DEPRESSION AND SELF-HARMING. I DIDN’T INTEND TO HARM OR TRIGGER ANYBODY’S TRAUMA WHEN I WROTE THIS BOOK.* BLURB: Elyana caught her husband cheating and used the reason she couldn’t conceive to explain why he did it. She promptly filed for divorce and flew back to the Philippines, where she grew up while carrying her broken heart and shattered dreams of becoming a mother one day to her child. She came back with her intentions of healing and to start a new life away from her ex-husband’s shadow, but because of what happened to her married life and the depressing events that followed, there were things inside her head that she couldn’t understand and that would lead most people around her to mistook her kindness for desperation and attempt to cause harm for others. Felipe, known as Felicity, is a famous gay matchmaker who has been her best friend since she can remember. Knowing what happened and what she was trying to overcome, he stayed by her side, protecting her and caring for her, and would eventually and secretly fulfill one of her greatest dreams that her ex-husband couldn’t give.

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Miss Misunderstood
Miss Misunderstood

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