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Merciless Dragon Knight is a 157 Chapters Fantasy novel by SIENDONIA, which has gotten more than 458.8 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Merciless Dragon Knight summary and more below.

Merciless Dragon Knight Summary

The world went into chaos, and the VRMMORPG game I used to play ‘Great Genesis’ turned into reality.

I, Kim Hajun with my girlfriend, Park Yun Hee are in the middle of that chaos.

I swear to myself that I will sacrifice everything and anything for our own sake.

[Vol.2 – Am I Still Human?]

I’m confused about myself having evolved into a half-dragon race, I’m confused about whether my identity as a human still exists or not

I behaved strangely due to the influence of my race turning into a half-dragon and I even made a deal with an existence that called itself The Supreme Ruler.

Can I get through this situation?

After remembering all the things he went through up to the time he was stabbed by Ginselda, Kim Hajun lost his consciousness.

Kim Hajun woke up and he was in a place he knew very well, the place where he spent his time, Great Genesis.

He’s really confused about what happened to him, but he really wants to find his way home so he can meet Yun Hee.

However, many obstacles await him.

Can he meet Yun Hee again?

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Merciless Dragon Knight (Webnovel)

Merciless Dragon Knight
Merciless Dragon Knight

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