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Maverick Davidson is a 345 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Eshaa_, which has gotten more than 22.2 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Maverick Davidson summary and more below.

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Maverick Davidson Summary

Valerie Helen is just a girl who has been abused for years by her uncle and aunt. But there he met Maverick, the heartless ruler. That’s why this story started. Valie’s grudge against her uncle’s family, as well as payback for the people who treated her badly in the past.

Because blood must be repaid with blood. And blood is thicker than water. Valie is not a naive good girl. He’s just weak. And with Mave by her side, the whole world will fall to her knees.

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Maverick Davidson (Webnovel)

Maverick Davidson
Maverick Davidson

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