Mates for Quinn

Mates for Quinn By Charlotte Dare

Mates for Quinn Summary

He stole from the wrong people at the wrong time. Now he has to pay with his body and heart.

Quinn: I want to be good. Go to work, pay my bills, pretend the visions that haunt me at night are not real. Pretend the supernatural doesn’t exist. Pretend I have a choice to stay out of trouble. The problem is trouble likes me. It always finds a way to carve back into my life and ruin everything.

It was supposed to be one last hit – get into an abandoned warehouse, steal whatever is locked there, get paid, save my mom’s diner. What it wasn’t supposed to be is being kidnapped by the two guys who haunt my dreams. What it wasn’t supposed to be is being cursed by a witch and having to fight for my life. And I definitely wasn’t supposed to fall for my kidnappers.

They are trouble, for my heart and for my life. They crave me, they need me to keep them together, they will never let me go. But can they love me the way I love me, the way they love each other?

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