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Lucifer’s Alpha Slave is a 125 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Minja, which has gotten more than 27.4 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Lucifer’s Alpha Slave summary and more below.

Lucifer’s Alpha Slave Summary

“But I also have my condition for you if I win,” Dark said to her.

“If I win you, you will become my slave till you die, and I will fuck you whatever way I want. I will fuck every hole you have, Raziah,” he added leaning closer to her face.

“You should have knelt when I asked you to. You shouldn’t have challenged me,”
He is a legend. A name Forbidden. Heartless and Darkness itself. He is an Alpha God.

She is a proud Alpha Princess who ruled all kingdoms with an iron fist. Men and strong men tremble at her presence.

But how did she become a Slave and a Mate to this heartless man? A man who hated her very existence.

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Lucifer’s Alpha Slave (Webnovel)

Lucifer's Alpha Slave
Lucifer’s Alpha Slave

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