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Loving You Eternally is a  235 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by aurora_moon90, which has gotten more than 76.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Loving You Eternally summary and more below.

Loving You Eternally Summary

Luna Wang married to a man whom she love, giving birth to a daughter, she thought that was her happily ever after, until her dreams shattered, thus leaving her broken-hearted but she strived to remain strong.
She determined to never be emotionally dependent on anyone anymore. But God has another plan for her. Why did he appeared again?

He is dashing, coming from a wealthy family, but had shamelessly stick himself to her since their first encounter. He is the very first man whom had made his marks in her heart since the first time she saw him..her first love, Danial.

“I love you but you abandoned me, thus leaving me with my unrequited love and broken heart.”

Now, they met again after long seven years. Trying to amend his past mistakes and give themselves a second chance for their first love, he persistently and shamelessly getting closer to her and courting her. Just when he thought the happiness he pursue only a step closer, he was suddenly forced to abandon her.

Her happiness or her life?

What would be his choice?

Clouded past history between them.
Numerous death threats from hidden enemy.

And another love rival?! Really?

His life couldn’t be more tougher than now.

In the end, could she forgive him?

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Loving You Eternally (Webnovel)

Loving You Eternally
Loving You Eternally

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