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Raegan’s heart belonged only to one man—Mitchel. In the second year of their marriage, her world was rocked by the news of her pregnancy, a joy she could barely contain. However, before she could share this news with her husband, Mitchel blindsided her with divorce papers, revealing his intention to marry his first love.

Devastated and shattered, Raegan’s life took a tragic turn when she was involved in a life-threatening accident, leaving her lying in a pool of her own blood, calling out desperately for Mitchel’s help. To her dismay, he chose to walk away with his first love, leaving Raegan to fight for her life alone.

Miraculously, Raegan survived, but the scars left by Mitchel’s betrayal ran deep. Determined to reclaim her life and dignity, Raegan rose from the ashes, her name eventually becoming synonymous with strength and resilience.

Meanwhile, Mitchel’s life took an unexpected turn as well. Despite his efforts to move on, he found himself haunted by memories of Raegan. His heart ached when he saw her thriving and smiling in the company of another man, igniting a flame of regret and longing within him.

As fate brings Raegan and Mitchel face to face once again, will their love prove to be unbreakable, or will the wounds of the past be too deep to heal? Join Raegan and Mitchel on a journey of love, loss, and redemption as they discover the true meaning of forgiveness and the enduring power of love.

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Love Unbreakeable
Love Unbreakable

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