Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook Summary

Love Unbreakable is a romance novel by Bank Brook, published in 2023. The novel tells the story of Raegan Hayes, a woman who is betrayed by her husband Mitchel, who divorces her to marry his first love. Raegan is pregnant with Mitchel’s child, but she decides to keep it a secret and raise the baby on her own. She moves to a new city and starts a new life as a single mother.

However, fate has other plans for Raegan. She meets a handsome and charming man named Liam, who is the CEO of a successful company. Liam falls in love with Raegan and her baby, and he wants to make them his family. But Raegan is afraid to trust again, and she is haunted by her past. She also has to deal with Mitchel, who comes back into her life and wants to reconcile with her.

Will Raegan be able to overcome her fears and give Liam a chance? Will Mitchel let go of Raegan and accept her decision? Will Raegan find her true happiness and love unbreakable? Find out in this emotional and heartwarming novel by Bank Brook.

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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook
Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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