Love Me, Dragon

Love Me, Dragon By Royhan H

Love Me, Dragon Summary

Amelia is a shy girl who had been sheltered by her parents all her life. She stumbled on an injured man one day and decided to help him. She later fell in love with the man, but he suddenly disappeared into thin air. All the young girls are asked to come to the palace so that the Dragon king would choose his bride, and when Amelia gets there, she finds out that the man she had threaten is none other than the Dragon king. Alaric tried to make it up to Amelia for what he had done, so she forgave him after a while and their love began to blossom. Just then, oppositions start to come up and try to tear their love apart. Will Alaric and Amelia be able to face their problems together, or will it tear them apart?


Love Me, Dragon
Love Me, Dragon

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