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Little Girl’s Wild Side is a 61 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Gayu2594, which has gotten more than 407.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Little Girl’s Wild Side summary and more below.

Little Girl’s Wild Side Summary

This is only a sample. i have signed a contract with webnovel and the story will be up after editing in a short while here under the same title.
Here is the link to the full book.’s-wild-side_21129307106524005###

Gautham bend down to bury his head on Sindhu’s shoulders and said, ” Will you say ‘Yes’ already!”
What surprised Sindhu was the tinch of desperation in his voice.
How did Gautham end up feeling so much for her in a matter of a month???
Even Gautham did not know how desperate he was to make her his. Just now when he saw Sindhu make such adorable face, he felt something break inside him at the thought that she will be showing such faces to someone else if she ended up marrying someone else.
“Its driving me crazy you know. The things that you are making me feel.”, Gautham said with a slightly annoyed voice.
Sindhu did not say anything. She just tightened her hold around him and stayed in his embrace.
After a while, Gautham finally let her go. He took one last look at her face, quickly said his bye and left. He feared if he stayed any longer, he would start begging her.
This is my first work. So i hope people can give it a shot. But this one is going to be very different from the stories you would have seen in here. They are literally worlds apart.

There is no backstabbing ex or a greedy relative or a dark haunting past. This is a pleasant light love story of two people facing arranged marriage.
A slightly messed up wild woman and a very normal clumsy man.

the story should have about 60 chapters and the whole story for most parts is complete. So it wont get dropped in the middle.

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Little Girl’s Wild Side (Webnovel)

Little Girl's Wild Side
Little Girl’s Wild Side

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