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Life and Death holder is a 17 Chapters Xuanhuan novel by kyubi3, which has gotten more than 211views on moboreader. Read Life and Death holder summary and more below.

Life and Death holder Summary

Kali once said, “be careful who you trust. Remember, demon was once an angel.” … Manuel Kagura Anastacio is a simple and family oriented guy. His fate in mortal world which is the earth was a big misfortune, because first, when he was born, his father died. Second, he became the center of bullying because of his physical appearance that called ugly.

Third, he confessed to his best friend then, he was rejected by his best friend. After that rejection, accident happened and cause him to die. Then, he went to the place called Purgatory – where all the soul being judge whether they go to Paradiso or Impyerno. As he wake up, he met his guardian angel named Guardian Toki, and find out to be his attorney in Purgatory. As the destiny start to play with him, Manuel Kagura Anastacio was given a chance to live again and reincarnate to Mundo da Fantasia where magic(Hold) exist.

Together with Guardian Toki, they will fight against the creatures with evil intentions and eliminate them. But before they reincarnate, the ruler of Purgatory, which is Supreme Dea Justo, was given a new name for Manuel Kagura Anastacio into Sephtis Kali, also given a new name for Guardian Toki into Vita Guia and given a title THE TWINS OF PURGATORY What adventure awaits to Kali ang Guia? How they manage to fight and eliminate evil deeds? How will they encounter love in the midst of their adventure?

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Life and Death holder Reviews (Moboreader)

Life and Death holder
Life and Death holder


it’s interesting


looks like it was updated a while back


would love to read if its complete

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