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Legend of the END is a 33 Chapters Fantasy novel by ANURAG_SAHARAN, which has gotten more than 47.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Legend of the END summary and more below.

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Legend of the END Summary

The rule of the jungle holds in a world where the powerful dominate and the weak suffer.
Kill or be killed is the choice.
Our protagonist was reborn into this oppressive society with a strong system.

He prefers to play the good guy or the bad guy, as long as he wins the day, as he moves across the huge palaces, the planet, the undiscovered realms, and the universe.
He attempted to discover the significance of his reincarnation.
He finds the people bound by the morals they create. He wants to be unrestricted from all these things that bound him to be truly free.
This is a story about a legend… who becomes “THE END”

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Legend of the END (Webnovel)

Legend of the END
Legend of the END

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