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Knight of Corruption is a 157 Chapters Fantasy novel by DWS, which has gotten more than 110.7 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Knight of Corruption summary and more below.

Knight of Corruption Summary

Ren Kageyama was reincarnated into a new world with nothing but the clothes on his back. After years of struggle, he stumbles across an ancient and deadly weapon – the sword of one-thousand teeth, Stigma. After touching it he is bound together with the spirit who inhabits the blade and pressed into servitude. If he wishes to prevent his soul from being eaten – he must satiate her hunger by destroying powerful enemies and consuming them.

KNIGHT OF CORRUPTION is a LitRPG novel with a focus on slow character growth and personal interaction, set in a dark fantasy world that is full of intrigue and menace.

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Knight of Corruption (Webnovel)

Knight of Corruption
Knight of Corruption

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