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King of Summons is a 76 Chapters Eastern Fantasy novel by ImmortalMonkey, which has gotten more than 417.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read King of Summons summary and more below.

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King of Summons Summary

Jian Long was betrayed by his closest friend, his cultivation was destroyed, he lost his status… but he did not die!

Cultivate with swords? No, I would be recognised!

Use my same name? Absolutely not. Let’s change it to Li Zhu.

Have the same look? Courting death.

I will have my revenge, but I need to become a whole different person, with a completely different cultivation method… summoning will do!

Li Zhu will take the path of summoning, in a world where weapons are Kings. What makes him different from other summoners, though, is that he can fuse with his spirit beasts!

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King of Summons (Webnovel)

King of Summons
King of Summons

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