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Hey guys! Today, I will discuss the Juni Learning Robotics courses with Makeblock.

Juni offers online STEAM courses in topics we all wish we could have learned in school like Coding, Storytelling, Investing, and more. In case you may have forgotten, STEAM is an acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. We are used to STEM, but at Juni Learning, STEM is fused with Art, to give the learner an all-round knowledge that prepares them for the real world.

What happens at Juni Learning?

Juni Learning offers award-winning online courses for kids ages 8-18. At Juni learning, you can explore private, group, and self-study courses in real world skills like coding, investing, public speaking and much more. The Juni learning team strive to empower students everywhere with passion, creativity, and excitement for hands-on learning.

Juni offers:

Programming skills and education

Coding in many programming languages, like Python, Java, Scratch, etc. for Robotics, Game development, App development, hacking, cyber security and more.

Financial skills and education

Introduction to personal finance and cryptocurrency and the stock market, investing, entrepreneurship, etc.

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Story telling skills and education

Video editing, literature reading and analysis, public speaking, novel writing, creative writing, grammar and mechanics, etc.


Algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, trigonometry, calculus, etc.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, I only mentioned a few of the activities going on at Juni learning.

A New Course at Juni Learning – Introduction to Robotics

Juni learning is an innovative online learning hub. New courses are introduced regularly, to make sure the students get the best education they need to face the real world. In line with this, Juni Learning has added a new course into the plethora of amazing courses already in their curriculum, this is a course that cannot be overemphasized amongst children, teenagers, enthusiasts, makers, tinkerers, to mention but a few.

Juni learning just introduced INTRO TO ROBOTICS: EXPLORING UNCHARTED TERRITORIESin collaboration with Makeblock, NASA, and the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration.


Robotics is a fast-growing industry with the potential to change the world as we know it. ‘Exploring Uncharted Territories’ gives Juni students the opportunity to build on their Scratch or Python coding skills and learn about robots with a dynamic, hands-on course designed to ignite student’s imaginations and spark interest in robotics. Students will learn to build a robot from the ground up, and put their coding skills to the test to solve unique, real-world challenges that emulate those of a NASA astronaut exploring Mars, or a deep-sea researcher mapping the ocean floor in search of new species.

Overview of the Robotics Course Curriculum at Juni Learning

Building the mBot Neo Robot – Students will receive Makeblock’s mBot Neo robot kit with detailed instructions outlining the setup of the robot. Student’s will build the robot from the ground up, wire it themselves and use basic commands to program their robot – building on skills learned in Juni’s Scratch or Python courses. This module allows students to get familiar with how the robot works and to understand the building and coding of the robot.

Programming the Robot Controls – Following the building of the robot, students will begin to code and control their robot. Throughout this module, students will iterate codes and experiment with controls and movement in a variety of ways, from fine-tuning drive commands to programming a straight-line path.

juni learning

Coding the Robot to Follow Line and Navigate Maze – Once students can drive the robot with their computers, they will learn how to teach their robot to navigate a basic maze and follow a line. In this module, students will learn how to execute a plan, use the robots’ sensors and code the robot to find a goal state.

Solving a “Real-World” Challenge with the Robot – Within this module, students will identify and research a problem that needs to be solved, using robots, from mimicking a Mar’s soil collection to collecting specimens from the ocean floor. Students will develop a prototype to solve the problem they have identified.

Master Project: Creating Your Own Robot

Concluding the course, students will simulate the real-world challenge they identified, and modify the robot and its code to complete this challenge. To celebrate their success and to conclude the challenge, they will film their robot successfully completing the project and share it with other students in the course.

Check out the full curriculum on either our Intro to Robotics with Scratch or Intro to Robotics with Python course details pages. To learn more about our robotics courses speak with a Juni Advisor today by calling (650) 263-4306 or emailing advisors@learnwithjuni.com.

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Why Juni Learning is one of the best online learning platforms?

Top Instructors

Instructors from Top US Universities

Expert-Designed Curricula

Project-Based Coursework

Active Community

Juni Clubs

Juni Events

Shared Projects

Real-time Technical Support

Instructor Office Hours

Study Groups

Access to Juni Advisors

Progress Targets

Course Roadmaps


Certificates of Completion

Real-World Skills that Matter

Juni’s Approach to Learning

Juni learning focuses on teaching the skills of tomorrow to help prepare our students for the real world. Through Learn-by-Doing Approach, this is because Project and Discovery-Based courses help children internalize concepts rather than memorizing them (And have fun while doing it!).

Juni learning makes Online Education Human. Juni’s community is dedicated to supporting your child’s education journey by offering out-of-class opportunities like Juni Clubs, Instructor office hours, and project shares.

Reviews and Testimonies

A lot of parents have given testimonies how Juni Learning has helped their children in one way or the other, from coding to learning about finance, stocks, etc. Let’s explore some of them.

You can verify all Juni reviews and testimonies at Trustpilot

Joyce Wu
Perfect learning environment for beginners
Juni helped my son discover a love of coding! I’ve tried signing him up for other classes, but they didn’t take. Juni’s lessons seem approachable, interesting, and well scaffolded. The one-on-one attention makes a big difference, and his instructor has been kind and supportive. I like that I get summaries after each lesson telling me about their progress and informing me about what work my child accomplished as homework, which he’s actually excited to do.

I also appreciate that Juni has a responsive customer service team who have been easy to work with. For example, I took advantage of two sales over winter break, and they let us start with the boot camp to see if we liked it and promised a refund on the 3 months of lessons (which I had actually purchased first) if he didn’t like it.

My kids really enjoy their coding…
My kids really enjoy their coding classes. They have been part of Juni learning since 2018 and they love it. The teachers are amazing.

I love one on one lesson
I love one on one lesson. My son loves to learn life skills like personal finance and stock market.

Juni Parent
Juni Learning has been a great blessing…
Juni Learning has been a great blessing for my son Ryan. During the summer of 2021, we were looking for a center to explore on my son’s interest in programming. Somehow, we landed on Juni Learning. We started the Java programming Level 1 and now he is on to level 2. His instructor, Bryan, is very knowledgeable and brought out the hidden programming skills of Ryan. We are very glad these sessions help with his school curriculum as well.

Our son has been proceeding through the…
Our son has been proceeding through the computer science classes with the Juni Learning for the last two years and it has been an amazing experience for him. Not only is he learning computer science, but he is honing his critical thinking skills and his problem-solving abilities. Every teacher he has been matched with he has enjoyed thoroughly building a relationship with them and learning from them. I cannot recommend Juni enough.

The teachers are very helpful and move…
The teachers are very helpful and move at a pace that is the student’s pace…not some arbitrary pace. My grandson has been attending for a couple of years and he loves the time he spends learning and looks forward to the class each week.

Carrie B
Finally, Accessible Tutoring for Coding
It’s been such a relief to have a reliable third party teaching my daughter a specialized skill she can use to build on, one that I could not teach her myself. Whether she decides to use it in a hobby or future education/employment capacity, I feel confident that what she is learning will serve her well. The Juni website and instructors are absolutely indispensable for any modern homeschool parent that wants a tutoring service but, may not live in an area where an in-person tutor is an option. We live rurally and having access to this service has meant the world to us. What seemed like an unattainable luxury has finally been realized. Thanks to the marvelous instructors and team at Juni for the great communication, lessons and service.

Shashidhar Reddy
Challenging yet engaging
Being a programmer myself I was able to communicate with my child’s tutor about my expectations and I could clearly see my child being challenged continuously without losing interest despite of the difficulties involved. All this would not have been possible without a) a nicely crafted curriculum, b) the quality of the tutoring, and c) the open feedback loops for further improvements. The website is easy to use as well w.r.t rescheduling classes and connecting to the Juni team.

Michele Mar-Jose
Juni is fantastic!
Juni is fantastic! What’s fantastic? The one-on-one instruction by highly experienced instructors, scheduling flexibility, compatibility of the instructor & my daughter’s personality & hands on experience all in the safety of my home. Juni keeps my daughter engaged & problem solving. Opens her eyes to all the possibilities of what she may want to do before entering college. Thank you!!


Having seen it all, what are you waiting for? give your child the high-tech education and skill they need to face the future prepared, enroll your child now visit Juni Learning to sign-up

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