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Immortal from Nine Heavens is a 11 Chapters Fantasy novel by Sage_Andrew, which has gotten more than 17.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Immortal from Nine Heavens summary and more below.

Immortal from Nine Heavens Summary

Yao Chen kneeling in the dust looked at the woman on his side. blood-covered face with a warm smile.
he felt indescribable pain, blood dripped from his eyes and grabbed on the broken sword from the ground.
squeezing out his every last drop of every he stood up.
he saw a man standing in front of him.
“death March sword style, 2nd stance, the undead fairy”
those were the words that left his mouth before the whole world was engulfed in darkness.
only the two in present looking at each other.
the man in front of him had his eyes wide open.
“h-how is this possible? w-who are you?”
Yao Chen’s bloodshot eyes glanced at him as he was dead meat.
“Yang Fang!”

Once there was ambitions, emotions and sentiments.
In one’s life, mindset is a thing that changes every single second.
they say the immortals looks upon the sentimental beings as ants. maybe worse than that.
and for the first time in thousands of years, Yang Feng realised that.
looking down on the countless mortal worlds, looking at their struggle for life, the desire to protect and the fear of death made him jealous.

A romance and action mix. the character’s personality is pretty realistic and likeable.
but his personality would change in the latter part.

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Immortal from Nine Heavens (Webnovel)

Immortal from Nine Heavens
Immortal from Nine Heavens

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