I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up by R.C.BRIE15 is a romance novel about a woman who seeks revenge on her cheating ex-fiance by hooking up with a stranger at his engagement party. Little does she know, the stranger is actually a billionaire mafia heir who falls for her and pursues her relentlessly. She has to face the challenges of being with him, while dealing with her own trust issues and family drama. Read I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up summary below.

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Summary

In the sprawling aftermath of heartbreak and dashed dreams, Abigail Marie Fuentebella Sandoval finds herself grappling with the wreckage of her shattered relationship and bruised pride. Crashing her ex-fiancé’s celebratory engagement event, she bears witness to the painful spectacle of his betrayal, her heart aching as she attempts to soothe her anguish with the solace of numerous champagne glasses. What torments her further is the revelation that her eight-year-long relationship has ended with her ex-boyfriend fathering the unborn child of her conniving stepsister, a scene of apparent bliss between them intensifying her anguish.

Consumed by a desire for retribution, Abigail, in a bid to level the playing field, impulsively seeks solace in the arms of a captivating stranger amidst the elegant crowd. Mistakenly believing him to be a figure of significance, she unknowingly sets herself up for public ridicule when she discovers, to her dismay, that her impromptu companion is not the anticipated prince but a commoner—a moment that becomes fodder for merciless mockery. Her choice, deemed a pitiful replacement for her erstwhile wealthy paramour, Justin Del Castillo, the esteemed President of F&D Group of Companies, leaves her mired in scorn. From a relationship steeped in opulence, she now finds herself tethered to a struggling individual who cannot afford the extravagant luxuries she once effortlessly enjoyed, even within her family’s opulent hotel.

Little does Abigail comprehend, amidst the cacophony of judgment and ridicule, that her impulsive decision was not as misguided as perceived. Contrary to popular belief, the man she chose that fateful evening is not merely a pauper but a figure of unparalleled wealth—a billionaire in disguise. Unbeknownst to her and the world at large, the man she brushed off as insignificant is none other than Lucas Alexander Montes Wright, a titan of industry and CEO extraordinaire. Lucas stands as the prized scion of the world’s wealthiest dynasty, the illustrious firstborn heir of the formidable Petrov Mafia—an inheritance shrouded in immense power and unyielding influence.

As Abigail grapples with the revelation that her choice was not a downfall but an unexpected twist of fate, her life becomes entangled in a web of unforeseen complexities, where the line between love, retribution, and the enigmatic world of billionaires blurs in unforeseen ways.

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I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up
I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up

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