I don’t love him

I don’t love him By  Lorry Lopes

I don’t love him Summary

The story begins with the war between two kingdoms, in one of these kingdoms lived Alana, who is sold for marriage to Edward, a just and kind king, after her marriage Alana begins to discover that there are beings beyond her kingdom, never seen before. However, one day, Alana meets the guard Nolan, a mysterious and kind man who hides the secret of being the son and Heir of the Wolf King. He was just spying on the King of Edward under an assumed name. Everything changes when by an accident Alana falls into the sea and is taken by the water without memory to a tribe that is also fighting the wolf king, she does not recover her memory and lives in this tribe of different beings for a long time. Until Nolan and Edward discover Alana’s location and the wolf begin to fight for the woman’s heart. She must carefully choose who to trust and who to love, as she faces dangers and challenges on her journey. The book is an engaging story of love, difficult choices, and adventures in a magical and mysterious world. The characters are captivating and the plot keeps the reader hooked until the end.

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I don't love him
I don’t love him

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