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Humans and Zombies is a 28 Chapters War&Military novel by _jessitayylor, which has gotten more than 16.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Humans and Zombies summary and more below.

Humans and Zombies Summary

The world is black and white, zombies and humans living separately in the same world. It won’t take long before the population increases and it wouldn’t be enough to share the world with each other. Reese Kaddius and his team stumbles into the zombie territory and realizes there may be a way to prevent an all-out war between two worlds.

Zombies of today have evolved, they aren’t mindless, they aren’t after our brains or gutting our intestines raw. They’re not pale like vampires and they definitely know how to wipe dripping blood off their mouths. They can move and think like humans do.

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Humans and Zombies (Webnovel)

Humans and Zombies

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