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House of Earth and Blood pdf (Crescent City Series Book 1) Summary

House of earth and blood, the first book in the Crescent City series of the #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas

The story of half-Fae and half-human Bryce Quinlan as she seeks revenge in a contemporary fantasy world of magic, danger, and searing romance.

Half-Fae, half-human Bryce Quinlan loves her life. By day, she works for an antiquities dealer, selling barely legal magical artifacts, and by night, she parties with her friends, savoring every pleasure Lunathion—otherwise known as Crescent City— has to offer. But it all comes crumbling down when a ruthless murder shakes the very foundations of the city—and Bryce’s world.

Two years later, her job has become a dead end, and she now seeks only blissful oblivion in the city’s most notorious nightclubs. But when the murderer attacks again, Bryce finds herself dragged into the investigation and paired with an infamous Fallen angel whose own brutal past haunts his every step.

Hunt Athalar, personal assassin for the Archangels, wants nothing to do with Bryce Quinlan, despite being ordered to protect her. She stands for everything he once rebelled against and seems more interested in partying than solving the murder, no matter how close to home it might hit. But Hunt soon realizes there’s far more to Bryce than meets the eye—and that he’s going to have to find a way to work with her if they want to solve this case.

As Bryce and Hunt race to untangle the mystery, they have no way of knowing the threads they tug ripple through the underbelly of the city, across warring continents, and down to the darkest levels of Hel, where things that have been sleeping for millennia are beginning to stir.

House of Blood and Earth by Sarah J. Maas Video Review

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House of Earth and Blood pdf and Paperback – Buy Online

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House of Earth and Blood Author – Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas
Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas is the #1 New York Times and internationally bestselling author of the Crescent City, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and the Throne of Glass series. Her books have sold more than twelve million copies and are published in thirty-seven languages. A New York native, Sarah lives in Philadelphia with her husband, son, and dog. To find out more, visit or follow @therealsjmaas on Instagram.

House of Earth and Blood pdf Book Information

house of earth and blood pdf by sarah J. Maas
house of earth and blood pdf by sarah J. Maas
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07QBC8QTP
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Bloomsbury Publishing; 1st edition (March 3, 2020)
  • Publication date ‏ : ‎ March 3, 2020
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • File size ‏ : ‎ 9334 KB
  • Text-to-Speech ‏ : ‎ Enabled
  • Screen Reader ‏ : ‎ Supported
  • Enhanced typesetting ‏ : ‎ Enabled
  • X-Ray ‏ : ‎ Enabled
  • Word Wise ‏ : ‎ Enabled
  • Print length ‏ : ‎ 807 pages
  • Lending ‏ : ‎ Enabled
  • Best Sellers Rank: #453 in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store)
  • #4 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
  • #5 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Books)
  • #5 in Paranormal Angel Romance

House of Earth and Blood Characters

  • Bryce Quinlan
  • Hunt Athalar
  • Danika Fendyr
  • Jesiba Roga
  • Ruhn Danaan
  • Isaiah Tiberian
  • Sabine Fendyr
  • Connor Holstrom 
  • Ithan Holstrom
  • Naomi Boreas
  • The Autumn King
  • Declan Emmet
  • Tristan Flynn
  • Micah Domitus 
  • Justinian Gelos 
  • Sandriel 
  • Shahar (mentioned)
  • Amelie Ravenscroft
  • The Viper Queen
  • Jesiba Roga
  • Hypaxia Enador
  • Fury Axtar
  • Juniper Andromeda
  • The Oracle
  • The River Queen (mentioned)
  • Tharion Ketos
  • The Under-King
  • Ember Quinlan
  • Lehabah
  • Pollux Antonius
  • Randall Silago
  • Lidia Cervos (mentioned)
  • Viktoria Vargos
  • The Asteri

House of Earth and Blood Reviews 

Jun 12, 2019Ellie rated it it was ok
Shelves: 2-stars, romance, arc, 2020-reads
2 stars baby. I promise there will be no spoilers in this review, I’m not a monster. Warning: this review is long.

Let’s begin with what kept me going throughout this entire book: my stupid tallies.

My Stupid Tallies:

Characters snarling: 108. This physically hurt me tbh.

Characters being described with golden/tan skin: 22. The woke queen is back ladies and gentlemales, with another racially ambiguous cast that lets her imagine them as white but defend herself if people ever say she has no POC in her books. Absolute galaxy brain.

Characters purring: 17. Gross.

Characters roaring: 9. While much lower than I anticipated, it still was 9 times too many. I have never heard a real-life person do anything close to a “roar” but since “tHEy’rE nOt HuMaN eLLiE” I guess it’s fine.

The M (view spoiler) Word: 2 I want to thank this woman for restraining herself in this book, 2 times for her favourite word is incredible, let’s give her a round of applause, guys.

The Characters:

Bryce Quinlan:

Bryce “Silky” Quinlan is first up to the executioner’s block and oh boy do I have some things to say about Bryce. While she is SJM’s typical snarky heroine, she is what I will thusly dub The Advanced Self-Insert . While Calaena and Feyre were obvious self-inserts (both having golden-hued hair and blue eyes, suspiciously like the author) Bryce actually has RED HAIR, which is honestly a game-changer, a never-before-seen addition to Sarah’s repertoire. I’m so proud of her. Let us list why Bryce is The Advanced Self-Insert:

– Every dude is insanely horny for her. Doesn’t matter if they’re an ancient mythological being or some dude on the street — he wants to bang her.

– She is supremely skilled in the arts of battle. Wielding both a rifle and a sword at once? No problem, despite both weapons requiring two hands. Bryce is just that amazing. Being half-human and therefore physically weaker than almost every character in this book? No problem, the plot will demand she beats them anyway.

– She is the most beautiful “female” to ever walk the earth. Nobody compares to Bryce, whose hair is silky beyond words, whose voice is silky, whose walk is silky (???), whose skin is silky. The woman is so silky she will fold if you touch her. Naturally, silk is a complete aphrodisiac for every “male” in this novel, so she is desired by all. People having types? Nope, golden-skinned redheads only baby.

But enough about what makes Bryce ridiculously hot, let’s talk about her flaws, and boy are they vast.

– She is just too curvy to be a dancer. Her ass and breasts are just too round, too perfect, for her to possibly be a professional dancer.

– She attracts “alphaholes” (these are her own words btw) and complains about it despite these alphaholes being the only men she even entertains notions of dating/being with. Maybe her true flaw is that she’s a hypocrite?

– ???

– Did I mention that she’s really beautiful?

A well-rounded character (literally) if I do say so myself.

Hunt Athalar:

And now we come to our glorious love interest, our Fabio, our physical equal to Bryce. He is a fallen angel (completing SJM’s wing-kink), so renown through the land that he has been dubbed “the Umbra Mortis” or “The Shadow of Death”. The creativity behind this title is unparalleled: not only did she have to think of two words that are “cool and edgy” but she had to put them in google translator and change them into Latin. Think about that for a second … all the time and effort… what a writing queen. I hope to be as powerful as her one day.

Anyway, let’s talk about his personality. Like Bryce, he can be quite funny sometimes (I actually love the Jelly Jubilee parts of the novel – see I can be nice). Also, like Bryce, his personality doesn’t really extend past the fact that he is beautiful beyond comprehension and has power never-before-seen for his race (lightning magic, ooOoOoOOOoo). Also like every other powerful character in this novel, he uses this magic a total of once or twice. Because when you make all-powerful characters, you must limit them by not letting them do anything of note, otherwise the book would’ve ended on page 3. Oh, and he has a total foot fetish. I feel like that’s important to note, you know, as a trigger warning for grossness.

Still better than “Feminist King” Rhysand and Rowrat.

The Other People:

Carbon copy rip-offs of her characters from other books. Ruhn is an emo version of Aedion merged with some Azriel. Fury is literally the same as Amren. Juniper is Elain with a personality. Sandriel is Maeve. Danika is EXACTLY Aelin. Is it plagiarism if you’re ripping-off yourself? A question for the philosophers, methinks.

The Plot:

By far the weakest plot Sarah J. Maas has ever construed and this is the same woman who plotted ACOFAS. It goes like this: Action > Banter for 600 pages, sprinkled with the most boring murder investigation I have ever read > Answer is given to them > Another 50 pages of banter > Revelations > An “action-packed” ending where more than half the cast of characters do nothing.

The World:

The world-building in this book sucked. I know of two locations: Pangera (an entire fucking continent) and Crescent City. That is all. We never leave Crescent City. Ever. I don’t think we could if we tried.

There’s this war going on in the background of the entire novel, between humans and the Vanir. Yes, the Vanir. If that sounded familiar, it’s because it refers to a race of nature gods in Norse mythology. However, SJM liked the sound of that word but didn’t like its meaning, so in this world (also called MIDGARD) the word ‘Vanir’ refers to all different kinds of mythological beings, including angels, fae, werewolves etc. I love stealing words from ancient cultures and disregarding its original meaning so it can work in my shitty high fantasy novel.

Anyway, this war is going on because humans are completely oppressed by the Vanir, who see themselves as superior to humans in every way. However, most of the characters are Vanir so the human plight is pretty much pushed to the background except when the half-human Bryce is being sneered at and she gets mad about it. There are literally people dying, Bryce. This war and human oppression get less screen-time than Bryce’s perfect ass. How can I take this war seriously and believe the Vanir are meant to be the bad guys when we spend so much of the book talking about how sexy they are??

Lastly, the writing:

I don’t wanna be too mean here because I did read an ARC, but holy shit this is most badly edited ARC I have ever read. I’m thinking her editors are just becoming so lazy because they’re like “ah whatever it’s SJM, they’ll buy it no matter what, leave all the typos in there, take out no scenes, just let her do whatever.”

This book should have been edited down to 500 pages and that’s THAT.


If you loved her other work, particularly the ACOTAR series, you will no doubt love this, it has lots of the same shit in it. If you’re going into this hoping her foray into adult fantasy will result in intricate world-building, morally grey characters and adult themes, you would be wrong.
This book is basically ACOTAR but now she can swear!! Hooray!
2/5 stars thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Andi S. (Andi’s ABCs)
5.0 out of 5 stars
Maas’s best book to date!
Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2020
Verified Purchase

There is no denying I am a HUGE Sarah J. Maas fan. I have read 12 books she has written and have given every one of them a 5 star rating. The second I read Throne of Glass in 2014 I knew she was an author I was going to love for a long time. And man did she ever hit it out of the park with House of Earth and Blood. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this new addition to her writing catalog. When I tell you I loved it, I mean it may be my favorite book she has ever written and this is coming from someone that reads A Court of Mist and Fury sometimes twice a year. It is just that good.

House of Earth and Blood is the first book in a new adult series called Crescent City. The book follows Bryce Quinlan, a half fey living the life of a party girl with her best friend and roommate. When her friend is brutally murdered Bryce is left alone and devastated. That is until the murders start to happen again, this with the alleged killed behind bars. With the help of Hunt Athalar, a Fallen angel enslaved to an Archangel, the two of them dig into the secrets of Crescent City to uncover what really happened the night Bryce’s friend died and figure out how to stop it while also holding on to secrets of their own. It isn’t easy, but gets even more complicated when feelings get involved.

I can’t describe how much I loved House of Earth and Blood. I have said it to people already and I will say it again this is Sarah’s best book to date. Everything in this story was so flawlessly executed. The characters were flushed out nicely. You really got to know both Bryce and Hunt and what their motivations were. You got to understand them and see them develop. You got to understand how the other minor characters were woven through their lives and what they meant to them. And it was done at the perfect pace. At the end I felt like I knew Bryce and Hunt and I also wanted to know more of their stories.

And in typical Maas fashion my feelings were demolished. I knew what to expect after reading so many book by her, but this book really messed with my feelings. I was all over the place. I was anxious and happy and sobbing my face off. Sometimes I was crying because I was happy or because I was anticipating what was going to happen, or because I was just plain broken by the story. This one really did punch me in the gut though and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can I tell you more about what I loved? Absolutely. I never even touched my love of Hunt and the chemistry between him and Bryce. There was a lot of this book that I haven’t touched on. The reason? I don’t want to ruin it for you because you see, this is a book everyone needs to read. Even if you have not been a fan of some of Sarah’s past books I strongly stand-by this one and say everything about it felt different to me, and it was wonderful. Do yourself a favor and go and buy it today. I’m already planning to reread it soon

1.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2020
Verified Purchase

I had to return this, it was that annoying. I was asking myself, was this juvenile piece of garbage really written by Maas? But of course it was, because the characters were just cut and paste from her previous works. Another male love interest with wings? Really? I only got halfway through before I couldn’t take it anymore. The endless cursing and descriptions of people’s body parts left me wanting a shower, and NOT in a good way. Just ew. I couldn’t even bear the thought of how cheesy the sex scenes must be. It’s sad that this author is regressing. I never felt for a single minute that any of these characters were real people. Angels? Wasn’t that already done by others and much more successfully? Skip this, read “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” or even anything by Cassandra Clare.
Hollie Morales
2.0 out of 5 stars

Bitterly Disappointed
Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2020
Verified Purchase
don’t even know where to start. I cried bitter tears of disappointment from the first chapter all the way until chapter 30ish. I couldn’t even wrap my brain around the fact that SJM wrote this book. The reader is literally bombarded with information overload about houses, gates, factions types of monsters and so on in the first few pages. After you get through that then the over done sexual encounters, awkward cussing and the drugs start. NONSTOP. The book is literally about getting people addicted to drugs to give them super human strength to win a war. What a huge turn off. If this book had been written by anyone else I wouldn’t have even made it half way through before returning it. I absolutely loved her other books and have read them all 6+ times. As a 30 year old adult I’m disgusted that this is considered an adult series. I expected more in depth, heart felt conversations and real life emotions. What I got was the equivalent of Zootopia with foul language and sex. Almost like a young teenager wrote a story about what they think life as an adult is like. The Fae Prince’s frat house has a beer pong table and is littered with liquor bottles. Come on SJM!!! **FACEPALM** TOG and ACOTAR had more mature relationships and insight than this by far. I hated the insta-love between Bryce and Hunt. Couldn’t she have fallen in love with a merman or vampire or Wolf or anything other than another winged male. (I LOVE RHYS, Cassian and Azriel) As I read it was almost as if she took all the characters from her other two series gave them different names and slapped them into this book but not in a good way… Bryce = Celaena Sardothien. Hunt = A cross between Cassian and Azriel. Ruhn= Dorian. Danika= Sam Courtland/Nehemia Ytger. I could go on and on. The last eight chapters were good. More her writing style, passionate and badass and would have been perfect if she would have just cut out the vomit inducing moaning and groaning. Overall I think this book was a huge letdown and SJM could have taken this series in a whole new direction instead of rehashing the same overdone theme. I’m returning my copy of the book in protest. P.S. If you say you didn’t picture Hunt as Deadpool with his baby legs waiting for his wings to regrow you’re a liar.

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