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The father just groaned and pushed the boy to the ground. The latter groaned at the painful thud but he still kept his apologies continued. “Don’t you fucking call me your dad! I regret marrying that whore who just created another bloody useless creature like you and threw your load on me! She flew away with her living ATM and left you behind because she knew that you’d be nothing but just a living burden.” He shouted grumpily which made the younger boy cry a little. He then crawled and started collecting the shattered money. “I’m forgiving you this time. But you must give me more tomorrow or it won’t take me much to kick you out of my house, Jungwoo.” The man then stood after collecting all the money and left while sipping on his beer bottle. Jungwoo got up and dusted himself. Dusting all the dirt of his father away. His own father disgusted him. His parents disgusted him. They were literally no one but people who made him and disowned without any valid reasons. His mother was truly just a gold digger who left him to his selfish, alcoholic father. He never cared how Jungwoo was or what he needed. All he wanted was just money from him without even making him capable enough. Jungwoo worked himself to pay his fees, meals and even rent to his own father. Thankfully, he was born with God gifted talent, graffiti. Jungwoo had passion for creating aesthetic figures on the surfaces which led him to the world of graffiti art. It helped him with earning some little amount as well as getting him into troubles when he drew on walls publicly. But he didn’t care. His life was already a mess and he didn’t mind messing it even more.

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Horror story
Horror story

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