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His redemption is a romance novel by Quirky Quinn won Dreame’s third-anniversary contest, and it will soon be published in paperback! Publishing date to be determined soon.  As the story goes, Azalea just wanted to make it out of the Packhouse, but when the Alpha’s son finds out she is his mate her wish comes true sooner than she expected. Years later, Azalea is trying to live a quiet normal life when Liam comes crashing back into her lonely existence. Much of it is predictable, but it doesn’t interfere with the story at all, as it is written with humor, funny situations, and interesting characters.

It’s a fabrication aimed at women, but the message is one we all need to remember in our age of quick sentences and readymade convictions, don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes and at times the story is funny, sometimes it’s a long mile. It turned out to be more complicated and interesting. As with all endings, there are things that need to be tied together and the author did well.

It was at a good pace and the reader was closing. It comes as an icy cold pleasure on a hot day to read on the beach. This book is ideal for those looking for an easy summer read on the beach. If you like hard fiction, you will definitely like this book. Even if you don’t think you’re interested in a difficult story, the pace and optimism of the writing are more than enough to make this book a wonderful, exciting read. In short, this is an exceptional novel with a powerful story that will keep you awake all night in an extremely entertaining way.

His Redemption Book Review (Goodreads)


A quick spoiler free synopsis: The two main characters are Azalea and Liam, who are both werewolves and mates. Azalea is the daughter of traitors and grew up being terrorized by her peers in the pack house. When Liam, the son of the packs alpha, turns 17 he realizes Azalea is his mate, rejects her, and has her sent away because he believes there has to be a mistake. The story follows their relationship after they meet again about 3 years after and boy they experience some wild conflicts.


I would rate it between a 2 and 3. The story started out promising but there ended up being so many story lines, making the book drag on. One thing I really didn’t like was the lack of character development. And with a book of this length, it could have been done (instead of all the excessive description about everything else). Instead of character development, the author would just state what she wanted readers to believe. For example the relationship between the Inn owner and Azalea. In the end, he was stated to be like a father figure to her and the book really should have had more examples why this was the case (a bit more show to go along with the tell). Instead we were just told that by one of the many inner dialogues of Azalea.
Normally when I score around a 3, I usually state that it’s a fast read and still worth ready if you want something quick, fun, romantic, etc. But this was not quick, fun, or romantic. It was just long.

C. Soto 

I love this story. Azalea was rejected by her chosen mate before she knew that it was her mate, since he was older than her.

She had a horrible childhood where she wss treated as a maid and was orphaned. She was teased mercifully by the other pack members.

After her mate dropped her off in a human town he rejected her, thinking he was keeping her safe.

Little did he or she know. She didn’t accept it which kept there bond alive.

When he saw her years later, they realized they were still fated mates and had there second chance.

Liam and her had major struggles through there reconnection.

It didn’t go easy and there was a scene that shattered what they were trying to build.

They did overcome due to Azalea being kidnapped and Liam having to reacue her.

I love this story and am on book 2. I wish it wasn’t on Dreame as im not a fan of those apps as they gouge readers. However, it was my choice to continue to read on..lol.

I can’t wait for the completion Of book 2. This books has suspense, love, forgiveness. This book does have triggers not sure if they are mentioned or not.

If u have no triggers, you will love this story!

About Quirky Quinn – Autobiography

Quirky Quinn
Quirky Quinn

My name is Quinn, and I guess I am an author? I still have trouble saying that. Writing has been a hobby of mine off and on throughout my life. In 2020, I decided to put myself out there and try my hand at writing on Dreame. At the beginning of 2021, my first story was monetized with the platform, and by June, I was offered an exclusive contract.

Before becoming an author, I worked in asset management, so it has been a significant change. I was born and bred in the Northern United States but migrated south over a decade ago with my high school sweetheart. We now have a flock of unruly children and a couple of spoiled cats. I love reading, and my wallet cannot keep up. My bookshelves are overflowing with books, and my favorite date night is in the aisles of Barnes&Noble. My favorite genres are fantasy and romance, but I will give just about anything a try!

Outside of my love of books, I enjoy anime, camping, baking, and spending time with my family in whatever form that takes. The only thing missing from my life is a regular blanket of snow on my front lawn each winter, but we can’t have it all, can we?

His Redemption Book Information

His redemption
His redemption

His Redemption Book Information

  • Type: ebook
  • Published 2020 by Dreame books
  • Edition Language: English

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