Her Human His Wolf

Her Human His Wolf By Katie Haddad

Her Human His Wolf Summary

Mia, the daughter of the Wolf King possesses a rare and powerful wolf. She is a skilled leader who prioritizes her pack’s safety above all else. However, everything changes when her pack is attacked, leaving her as the sole survivor.

Atlas, a human, is a social outcast, who doesn’t fit in anywhere. He lives on his late grandmother’s rundown farm and refuses to sell it due to a strange feeling that he’s meant to be there for something important. That something finally appears in the form of a white wolf with golden-tipped hair.

Atlas is Mia’s forbidden mate, as their relationship goes against all the rules she has been taught her entire life. Will she defy these rules and accept the one who may hold the key to her survival? Can Atlas embrace his soul mate being a wolf, despite the danger he will face in order to be with her?

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Her Human His Wolf
Her Human His Wolf

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