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Her Dark world is a 32 Chapters Demon novel by ShineeSunshine, which has gotten more than 2.6K views on Goodnovel. Read Her Dark world summary and more below.

Her Dark world Summary

I did something that kept me sane . I did for myself . I went against my family just to protect my sanity but see where am I right now in this dark ugly cell of Prison I am a killer of my own world . In this Dark World I have no one , No family , No friends and No love . You knows that Dark world has beasts , Monsters , Devils And Demons but they are old now because Humans are worst than them . Humans who is ruling our world are worst than them . Animals are much far better than Humans . I was a fighter !! I was a survivor But this cruel world made me Rotten Now I’m Cruel !! I’m cold Hearted !! I’m a Killer because I killed Myself . I killed my own happiness . I ruined my own heart . Is there anyone Who’ll like to listen my story . I guess no one because I’m a girl then why should anyone get interested in my story I’m Dua or simply my name is DUA !! and My world shattered by only four words YOU ARE UNDER ARREST !! . . So Readers come and try to read her story .. Story of Her !! Story of Dua !! Dua , a twenty years old college going girl , student of Fashion Designer It’s her story .

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Her Dark world
Her Dark world

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