Heart Of A Lycan King by Murjaanah M.A

“Heart Of A Lycan King” by Murjaanah M.A, tells the story of the the life of Natasha Maina Gladys, a two-colored wolf from Malakari pack in Zambele. Natasha’s cursed life, as an unwanted mate of the Alpha, takes a new turn with the arrival of the Lycan king. Read Heart Of A Lycan King by Murjaanah M.A summary below.

Heart Of A Lycan King Summary

Natasha Maina Gladys is a two colored wolf. She hails from the Malakari pack situated in the kingdom of Zambele. Unfortunately, rumors have been circulating that Natasha is cursed and rejected by her mate, the Alpha. This has led to her life taking a drastic turn from the dreams she once had.

However, a glimmer of hope arises as the Lycan king arrives. Suddenly, Natasha finds herself being forcefully taken by the king, who appears to be in a state of anger. His eyes are dark and menacing, and she cannot help but feel intimidated by his sudden appearance. He leads her outside into the scorching sun and towards a black BMW parked amongst other cars.

Feeling a sense of fear and uncertainty, Natasha attempts to resist being taken away. She does not want to experience the pain of rejection or abuse again. This time, she wants to take charge and do the rejecting herself. She tells the king that they can resolve their issue here and now, without the need for her to be taken away.

The king appears confused by her words, and she realizes that he does not understand what she means. Natasha takes the opportunity to inform him that she, Natasha Gladys, is rejecting him, the king. However, she is embarrassed to admit that she does not know his full name, as she has never met him before.

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Heart Of A Lycan King
Heart Of A Lycan King

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