Goodbye, My Love Novel

Goodbye, My Love

Goodbye, My Love Summary

Three years into her marriage to Marco, Loraine had faithfully played the role of a devoted wife. Yet, despite her efforts, he treated her with disdain, showing no signs of affection or respect. Disheartened by his behavior, Loraine reached a breaking point and made the bold decision to ask for a divorce, leaving Marco to indulge in his affair.

The high society elites, accustomed to scandal and drama, were taken aback by Loraine’s seemingly abrupt decision. They questioned her sanity, unable to comprehend her willingness to part ways with her husband. To their surprise, Loraine calmly explained her motives, revealing that she was poised to inherit a billion-dollar fortune back home and no longer harbored any love for Marco.

The elites chuckled at her words, dismissing them as a fanciful tale born out of emotional distress. However, their skepticism quickly turned to awe the next day when Loraine was officially declared the world’s youngest female billionaire, validating her claims.

Marco, upon hearing the news, was left stunned. When he encountered Loraine again, he was met with a transformed woman, surrounded by a coterie of admirers. His heart twinged with regret as he witnessed her radiant smile, so different from the sorrowful expression she had worn in their final days together.

Setting aside his pride, Marco attempted to win her back, offering a partnership to build an empire together. But Loraine’s response was cold and disdainful, her eyes narrowing in disgust at her former husband’s attempt to rekindle their relationship. She had moved on, both emotionally and financially, leaving Marco to ponder his lost chance at love and prosperity.

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Goodbye, My Love
Goodbye, My Love

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