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FRENZY: The Rising is a 5 Chapters Sci-fi novel by dauntlessj09, which has gotten more than 94 views on moboreader. Read FRENZY: The Rising summary and more below.

FRENZY: The Rising Summary

WORK OF FICTION “Let’s do this.” Says Azie through gritted teeth as she stares to her acquaintances and gave each of them sharp looks and a nod. – Amara Azrail Freyja known as Azie 17, high school student from Marie university who’ll spend 2 hours inside the detention room after kicking some bully’s ass along with the headmaster’s son- Arius Claeg and his little circle of friends. Little did they know that, everything started to fall into chaos as they soon found out what happened outside the soundproof average room.

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FRENZY: The Rising Reviews (Moboreader)

FRENZY The Rising
FRENZY The Rising


This book is quite good. You can read it if you are interested.

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