Framed Hearts: A Journey of love and self Discovery by Ettron Books

In the picturesque town of Willowbrook, two worlds unexpectedly intertwine. Emma Sinclair, a shy literature student with dreams of becoming a writer, finds herself lost in the pages of her books, seeking solace in worlds far from her quiet existence. Liam Hayes, a vivacious photography student, appears to live life in vibrant color, but behind his camera lens lies a soul yearning for a truth he cannot capture.

When a unique course, “The Art of Storytelling,” brings them together, an unusual project unfolds – to document a year in a faux romance, combining Emma’s words and Liam’s photographs. As they fabricate a love story for the world to see, their pretend relationship takes center stage on campus, captivating everyone with its compelling blend of vivid imagery and heartfelt narratives.

But what starts as a simple project soon evolves into a journey of self-discovery and emotional awakening. As Emma steps out of the shadows of her imagination, she learns to face her fears and embrace life with a newfound confidence. Liam, grappling with expectations and his true desires, finds in Emma an unexpected muse and a mirror to his hidden vulnerabilities.

As the lines between fiction and reality blur, “Framed Hearts” takes you on a heartwarming voyage from the safety of an imagined love to the exhilarating risks of genuine connection. Will Emma and Liam recognize the true story they have authored together, or will their tale end with the final page of their project?

Dive into “Framed Hearts,” a touching bildungsroman romance, where the journey of self-discovery collides with the art of pretend, and life’s most meaningful stories are found not just in pages or pictures, but in the heartbeats shared between two souls.

Framed Hearts, A Journey of Love and Self-Discovery
Framed Hearts, A Journey of Love and Self-Discovery

Chapter 1: The Quiet Dreamer

The golden hues of dawn were just beginning to caress the quaint town of Willowbrook, painting its cobblestone streets and ancient oaks in a soft, warm light. In the heart of this picturesque setting, nestled amidst rolling hills and whispering streams, lay Willowbrook University – a venerable institution whose ivy-clad walls held stories as old as time.

In one of the university’s charming, yet slightly weathered, dormitories, Emma Sinclair sat curled up by the window. Her room was a sanctuary of sorts, a cozy nook filled with stacks of books, scattered papers, and an old, comfortable armchair that had become her favorite spot. As she gazed out at the awakening campus, her mind wandered, not to the classes of the day, but to the unwritten pages of her stories that lay waiting in the quiet recesses of her imagination.

Her phone buzzed, slicing through the silence. A message from her best friend, Zoe: “Morning Em! Don’t forget, Prof. Dawson’s class at 9. New project announcement today. Excited? 😊”

Emma replied with a half-smile, typing back, “On my way soon. Can’t wait to hear about it. 😌”

As she stood up, her reflection in the mirror caught her eye – a young woman, petite, with thoughtful eyes and a cascade of brown hair that framed her face in gentle waves. She dressed simply, a comfortable sweater and jeans, her style whispering of practicality rather than fashion.

The walk to her first class was a ritual in itself. Emma loved the way the morning light played through the leaves, casting dancing shadows on the paths. She passed by familiar faces, offering polite smiles, yet always feeling a step removed, as if she were an observer in her own life’s story.

Entering the lecture hall for Professor Dawson’s “The Art of Storytelling” class, she felt a flutter of excitement. This wasn’t just any class. It was the reason she chose Willowbrook University. Here, stories weren’t just told; they were felt, lived, breathed. As she found her seat, her heart was a mix of anticipation and nervousness.

Professor Dawson was a charismatic figure, his passion for storytelling infectious. As he began to speak about the upcoming project, Emma felt every word resonate within her. This was more than an assignment; it was an opportunity – a doorway to something new, something daring.

Little did she know, as she sat there, lost in thought, that this project would alter the course of her life in ways she couldn’t even begin to imagine. It was in this very room, on this very day, that the first threads of her story with Liam Hayes would be woven – a story that would take her on a journey of self-discovery, challenge her fears, and ultimately, lead her to find her voice in the most unexpected of ways.

As the class ended, Emma gathered her things, her mind abuzz with ideas. Stepping out into the corridor, she collided with someone, her notes scattering like leaves in the wind. Looking up, she met the eyes of Liam Hayes, the photography student who, unbeknownst to her, would soon become a central character in her real-life story.

“Sorry,” they both muttered, bending down to gather the fallen papers.

Their fingers brushed briefly, a simple touch that marked the beginning of a tale yet to be told.

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