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Fortune Falls From Sky is a 20 Chapters Magical Realism novel by Never Obedient When Drunk, which has gotten more than 226.7 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Fortune Falls From Sky summary and more below.

Fortune Falls From Sky Summary

As Samuel Walker’s life plunges into darkness after his father’s car accident amounts to a mountain of debt, the middle-aged landlady comes knocking on his door, slyly offering to provide for him as his girlfriend.
While being harassed by her, Samuel is suddenly able to see her secrets in his mind. Using this special ability, he gets himself out of trouble and starts working in a liquor factory that’s about to close down. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding soon occurs between him and his new boss lady, Arielle Bright.
The beautiful Arielle is also in her twenties, and the misunderstanding causes her to make things difficult for him. But with his special ability to help turn her company around, she starts looking at him differently and comes to accept him!
In addition to working at the liquor factory, Samuel also starts a business himself. Everyone’s secrets are in his hands, and he becomes a business tycoon! Women of every background adore him, itching to get their hands on this powerful man!
I may come from a poor family, but I’m a rich man now!

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Fortune Falls From Sky (Webnovel)

Fortune Falls From Sky
Fortune Falls From Sky

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