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Flower Of Evil is a 178 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Tinaagustiana, which has gotten more than 129.8 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Flower Of Evil summary and more below.

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Flower Of Evil Summary

“You are the sweetest curse in my life. Because loving you is the biggest mistake I don’t want to let go of.”
“Give me your womb! In exchange, I will fulfill all your wishes!”. Prince Zayn said.

“Are you crazy? How can I get offspring if you take my uterus?”. The poor princess’s eyes lit up wildly as if ready to devour the man before her.

“I will give one offspring for you, then I will take your womb, how?”.

You are crazy! What does a woman without a uterus mean? Moreover, I am a candidate for the queen.

Anna Lee is the most famous princess in all the kingdoms in Korea, everyone is competing to be able to see her because it is said that, just by looking at her beautiful face, that person will have a lifetime of luck.

However, she had to escape from her palace because of betrayal which led to her parents’ terrible death.

After that, the royal government system went awry.

Therefore she is determined to become the strongest, demanding justice again so that she can restore the royal government system to the way it was before so that its people live in peace.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any abilities and nowhere to go. Unfortunately again, she was trapped in the forbidden forest.

While desperate to find a way out, she met a man with horns and bright red eyes. The man volunteered to help her commit suicide.

The red-eyed man turned out to be a prince nicknamed the bitter tongue who ended up as a guardian of the forbidden forest.

Will that poor princess be able to get her revenge to reclaim the throne that should belong to her?

Whereas she was only a princess who lived in a golden shell, never knew weapons and did not know how to fight or tactics to win wars.

Impossible to win?

But, there is always a possibility even if it is very small!

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Your criticisms and suggestions and support make me excited to stay updated and write the next story diligently.

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Flower Of Evil (Webnovel)

Flower Of Evil
Flower Of Evil

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