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First Light Of A New Age is a 113 Chapters Fantasy novel by SPBasilio, which has gotten more than 288.4 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read First Light Of A New Age summary and more below.

First Light Of A New Age Summary

In a distant realm, rampant corruption and chaos exist. Slavery, rape, murder, and discrimination against the weak were all but common. The magically superior people trample over the lesser unfortunate folks, used as a stepping stone and as a disposable asset. All hope for them has been deemed lost. However, the winds of changes has other plans for them.

However, in a faraway ocean, one that is filled with demons and sea monsters. A great technological civilization suddenly appeared, one that came from a world that is only filled with chaos and destruction. They became the heaven for people seeking a stable and peaceful life,. The Earth rose and seas parted ways; the environment had totally changed for its adaptability.

Unfortunately, the inhabitants of this great technological civilization are all but manaless. Arriving in a world where they are inferior and as slaves. How will they and the other powers that existed in this world react?

This is the story of the nation and it’s people of the Austronesian People’s Empire, and how they broke the balance of power and came at the top.

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First Light Of A New Age (Webnovel)

First Light Of A New Age
First Light Of A New Age

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