Fire Force Season 3 Leak, Watch Trailer Release Date, Production

Fire force season 3 is on the way!

Fire Force Season 3 Trailer

Fire Force Season 3 Production Leaked

Earlier this year, Atsushi Okubo’s original manga series ended its run, which meant that fans have been looking forward to seeing the anime return to keep up with providing fans with new materials. The second season, Fire force season 2 ended its run two years ago, this left fire force fans on a major cliffhanger without any potential word on fire force season 3. 

It all started with a leak last month, when  a popular leaker claimed that the Fire Force anime was once again in production. This  information has now been confirmed by the Japanese production company behind the series (David Production). The conversation surrounding the leak is focused on social media, specifically Twitter, where both real spoilers and fake news can spread rapidly to fans around the world.

However, it is good news to hear the announcement that fire force season 3 will be out soon. So far, It’s been a long wait kinda, but thankfully now the series has confirmed plans for new episodes. 

Fire Force Season 3 Production Leak Date

On April 29th, popular and typically-reputable Twitter leaker and insider SugoiLITE shared a post claiming that “‘Fire Force’ (Enen no Shouboutai) TV Anime Season 3 is in production.”

Fire Force season 3 Production Official Confirmation

fire force season 3
fire force season 3

In line with this leak about a potential third season of fire force (fire force season 3),Kodansha did announce officially that Fire Force  will indeed be returning for fire force season 3 in the near future!

On May 17th, it was finally confirmed that Fire Force season 3 was on the way. The series’ Japanese Twitter page announced the fantastic news alongside the domestic website that a third season was “now in production.”

Predicting Release Date for Fire Force Season 3

In as much as the announcement only confirmed that fire force season 3 is in the works, however, information about the production, returning cast, release date are yet to be made public as of the moment of writing this post. Hopefully, all this vital information will be made public soonest.

While fans were delighted with news that the anime will return for another lit adventure, a release date for Fire Force season 3 was sadly not revealed. However, one can make some predictions based on the production of previous seasons and the schedule for David Productions, the studio behind the Fire Force series.

Considering the previous productions and release dates of the fire force series, as well as the current works the David production has at hand, one should expect the release date of fire force season 3 to be around october 2022.

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The final episode of Fire force season 2 had set up some pretty big things for Shinra as he discovered more of the dark roots behind his past and ability. To get a better appreciation of fire force season 3 when it comes out, you need to refresh your mind on the previous season’s episodes, and then get ready for the big thing ahead, hence, consider picking up the original Fire force manga series by Atsushi Ohkubo and read.
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