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Finding Her True Alpha is an Alpha novel by Diane Doherty, it tells a story of Ashlyn who was 8 years old when she started living with her Aunt Grace at the Blue Moon Pack.

Finding Her True Alpha Summary

Ashlyn was aware that she was an Alpha because both her parents were Alpha blood before they disappeared, along with the whole Emerald Lake Pack. However, No one in her new pack knew her previous pack except her Aunt Grace and Uncle Brad.

Her friendship with the Alpha’s son, Ian, led to romantic feeling when they were both sixteen. Little did she know that her life was about to make a hard left turn at the age of eighteen.

Ashlyn dreams of being with Ian were crushed, and she left the pack to find a fresh path in life, but she never dreamt that where she would end up would be exactly where she needed to be. However, The moon goddess had already destined her path in life, but it would take an unexpected experience to unlock her destiny.

Ashlyn isn’t sure that she is ready for all this newfound responsible but how could she walk away from an impeding war. How could she let the mythical world suffer? There hasn’t been a war in hundreds of years, but now one is on the brink all because of her. All because the moon goddess believed that she was worthy. How could she live up to the moon goddess’s expectations when she hardly believed in herself? There are events in our lives that led us to who we were always meant to be, and for Ashlyn those events would lead her to become a Queen. A Queen the mythical Kingdoms didn’t know they needed.


About Diane Doherty Author of Finding Her True Alpha

Diane Doherty Author of Finding Her True Alpha is a dreame author. She is one of the fast-rising Dreame authors, Diane Doherty has a profile followers of about 55,000 as at the moment of writing this post. Her first book “Finding Her True Alpha” has garnered about 322,000 reads on dreame.

Diane Doherty enjoys reading about werewolves and fantasy. She has three boys and one girl. You can read more about her here.

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Finding Her True Alpha
Finding Her True Alpha

One of the most interesting chapters of Finding Her True Alpha is chapter 13, in Finding her true alpha chapter 13, it happened that Ashlyn came back and went to take a quick shower, While in the bathroom, her mind was on her laptop, because she needed to research some wolf who got the same experience as she did.

When she didn’t find anything on the web, she had to go for dinner with Liam and his friends. They had entered the club for Ashlyn to realize Liam had another guest who was interested in her.

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