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Fated To The Kings is a 72 Chapters Fantasy novel by HFPerez, which has gotten more than 19.3K views on moboreader. Read Fated To The Kings summary and more below.

Fated To The Kings Summary

Fated, Alpha, King, Queen, Vampire, Dragons, Demons, and Witches Book One: His Beauty Queen She was a beauty queen with history, trying to live a new life in a big city. Little did she know, she is in for a big surprise destined to change her life forever. He is a king with a longing so soul-deep, craving for the gift he had been waiting for his entire existence.

What will he do when he finally finds her? Is he willing to share all his secrets just to be with her? *** Book Two: His SilverHand She is the epitome of joy. Bubbly, adorable, and innocently sweet. All her life she had devoted herself to caring for her loved ones. All of a sudden, her dreams came true. No, there’s no time for love. Food is her romance, cooking is her passion. But what if, unexpectedly love comes knocking on her door? Will she run or stay? He doesn’t care for a mate. In fact, he doesn’t care for romance at all.

His energy is too much drained from managing his realm. He doesn’t even have the energy to bed a woman. But what if, unexpectedly he meets his silver hand? Will he fight for her or let her slip through his fingers? *** Book Three: His Symphony She has no memory of him. Yet she dreams of him. The mind might forget but the heart will always remember.

All his thoughts were of her. The beloved that he once left to save from himself. Too long have they waited. Too long have they suffered in silence. Will love conquers all when all has been forgotten?

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