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Everlastingly Loving You is a 166 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by EmmelineRouge, which has gotten more than 464.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Everlastingly Loving You summary and more below.

Everlastingly Loving You Summary

“No matter where I am, even when there’s nothing left on this Earth, I’ll love you, everlastingly.”

She was a duchess of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world, aka Sophia Windsor; he, a prince from a kingdom just as powerful and influential, the infamous Nicholas Ambrose. She, aromantic. He, cold and bitter.

He wanted to marry for his kingdom’s sake, whilst she had no intentions of marrying or falling in love, having seen how love destroyed the people she loved and cared about.

And yet, they crossed paths.

So when the two meet under such circumstances, will their love be restored? Would their spark overcome any decision of theirs they had made in the past?

It was merely a few seconds later before Nicholas had kissed her, lips slamming against each other as Sophia deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue inside his mouth, only making the kiss all the more passionate as the room’s temperature became scorching hot.

Nicholas wrapped his muscular arm around Sophia’s waist, only successfully managing to weaken Sophia’s knees, ridding her of any other thoughts except how much she desired him at that very moment, how much she wanted him, just him.

The next things that were said and done seemed a huge blur as the next thing she remembered seemed to be the unbuckling of his belt, and the unbuttoning of his shirt; the unzipping of her gown – not that it was of value to either of them when they tore their clothes apart in a mad rush.

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Everlastingly Loving You (Webnovel)

Everlastingly Loving You
Everlastingly Loving You

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