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Entangled Destinies is a 134 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Novelistilia, which has gotten more than 121.2 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Entangled Destinies summary and more below.

Entangled Destinies Summary

She is a practical realist, a lover of science, and a nonbeliever in destiny and magic. He is a demigod King who rules a mythical kingdom with supernatural powers.

Evie is a cold and laid-back aircraft mechanic who lives in the urban city, trying to live a mediocre life, just to escape her traumatic past.

On the other hand, King Adamos is a conservative perfectionist ruler who maintained the magical Kingdom of Edin in peace and solitude for centuries.

What happens when both of their lives get entangled by a playful game of destiny?

Would they allow themselves to be entangled in its hands and be transformed by each other’s differences? Or would they try to get out of its clutches and go back to their own fabricated world?

His Majesty’s Chamber’s colossal ceiling, which was previously just a bland shade of beige and gray, suddenly transformed into a multi-chromatic one.

It appeared like a display of dynamic patterns of brilliant lights that appear as curtains, rays, spirals, and flickers covering the entire sky.

The magnificent picture would mesmerize anyone who loves magic and beauty combined into one spectacular scenery.

But not Evie.

Her suspicious eyes narrowed as she searched for gears in the ceiling edges.

‘The King’s Chamber must be like a convertible car. And that kaleidoscopic display must be the actual color of the night sky here in Edin,’ she analyzed as she scrutinized the structure.

She knew how convertible cars work.

They have gears with brackets with teeth connected to the primary structure of the roof of the cars.

But she could not see any forms of gears.

Still, she didn’t believe that this King had powers and that he was showing them off right now.

“I know it’s a trick. You cannot fool me.” Evie’s unfazed eyes now darted at King Adamos.

He was currently on top of her, ready to take her as was proper for their honeymoon. And they were both lying down on his bed.

With his raven locks flowing down his strikingly handsome face and his naked taut chest, Evie couldn’t help but clamp her lips together.

If not, they might betray her and speak out her thoughts that for her, he was more beautiful than the display above them.

She thought he would get mad at her for sneering at his effort to impress her.

But to Evie’s bewilderment, a corner of the King’s moist wet lips curled up.

Then he drew near her and whispered in a hoarse and rugged voice, “I don’t care what you think. You are mine tonight, Evie.”

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Entangled Destinies (Webnovel)

Entangled Destinies
Entangled Destinies

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