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Destiny of Love  is a 57 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by peacock.writer, which has gotten more than 135.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Destiny of Love  summary and more below.

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Destiny of Love Summary

“Is it your resignation letter ?” Abhiram asked me.
Jhanavi glared at me fuming in anger.
“I expected it because you are scared that you will fall in love with me. Isn’t it ? ” he questioned with a smirked.
She was more irritated by his words.
“Even if you are the last person on this Earth I will not make that same mistake” She replied in an angry tone.
“Let us see….” He chuckled.
” And one more thing, you can’t resign
this job as per agreement. Do you remember?” he said.
” So this is your plan?” She asked with surprise.
“Yes, darling. You might hear a saying – Everything is fair in love and war,” he answered .
” One important thing I want to tell you. I am not married. Still today I have only you in my heart and I will make you mine. You can’t escape from me this time.” he said confidently.
” Don’t build castles in the air, Mr.Varma” She retorted with the same confidence.
“Okay, then we will see. Hope you will continue your work” he asked me.

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Destiny of Love (Webnovel)

Destiny of Love
Destiny of Love

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