Death Wolf Saga

Death Wolf Saga by Suzangill98 is a captivating fantasy adventure, immersing readers in a world where the mythical Death Wolf looms large.

This enthralling story intricately interlaces the destinies of various characters, each irresistibly drawn to the enigmatic presence of the Death Wolf. Set against a backdrop rich in ancient magic and unexpected dangers, their journeys converge in a profound quest that unlocks the secrets of the Death Wolf. A tapestry of intrigue, daring exploits, and the enduring power of fate, this saga invites its audience into a realm of bravery, allegiance, and the uncharted territories of a magical universe.”

Death Wolf Saga Summary

“You can’t reject me!” she says, trying to control her tears.
His eyes indifferent, as he took in her shivering state.
Moving closer, he traps her body between the wall and his frame.
Saying his next words in a voice laced with hate.
“I can, my dear mate, you should have thought about it when you betrayed.”

She was a havoc created by nature.
Found wrapped in blankets at the edge of a river.
With a very weak wolf to guide her in life and no parents at her side.
She was an orphan that merely survived.
Hoping for a miracle to save her.
Some mistook her to be human, others called her a disgrace in the name of a wolf.
Either way, she was what they all called,
The girl that betrayed.
Not just her mate, but also their entire kind later.
By lifting the curse from the one buried in pages of time.
She was Thora, the one who reincarnated the saga of the Death Wolf.
Bringing to life the wolf with untamable power to wreak havoc and, not to forget,

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Death Wolf Saga
Death Wolf Saga

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