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Campus’s Belle is a 27 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Djamila, which has gotten more than 91.3 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Campus’s Belle summary and more below.

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Campus’s Belle Summary

Fang Wei Wei :
She is the Campus’ Belle, Beautiful, an A student, majoring in French language and literature and so fluent in french which made her remarkable in her faculty. Furthermore, she is good at Kung Fu.

Han Fei Ye :
He is the campus Idol, so handsome, charismatic, an A student, but He is so cold, aloof with a strong aura that made it hard for others to approach him, but that didn’t prevent the girls from university to try to get him.

How can the cold Han Fei Ye make the campus Belle Fang Wei Wei fall in love with him after offending her in front of everyone because of a misunderstanding?

And how can the two lovers be together, despite the vendetta between their families ,on one hand, and the evil schemes of their competitors on the other hand?

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Campus’s Belle (Webnovel)

Campus's Belle
Campus’s Belle

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