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Bridal Robbery Episode is a 30 Chapters War&Military novel by DIABLA, which has gotten more than 13.8 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Bridal Robbery Episode summary and more below.

Bridal Robbery Episode Summary

The youngest professor at Adventist University, the fiancee of the successor of global pharmaceutical company Benon, and the royal omega of a slim woman. Lim So-hee has a title that everyone envys. She was a prospective bride before her wedding. A trip left alone with my fiancée, a hit cycle that came suddenly. 3 days when I didn’t even know the sun was rising or setting and I was only faithful to my instincts. When I finally wake up and turn on my phone, I see more than 100 missed calls from my fiance. for a moment… Why did the man still inside me still call me… peel? And so much… . “Ah, I forgot to introduce myself, did I… .” “Ugh… yes… ?” “remember? Gu Ji-gyeom… Gu Ji-hoon’s twin brother.” Tears that had been welling up for a while from Sohee’s big eyes, which were startled, flowed down, drop by drop. Slowly moving my stuff that had swelled up inside her again, Jigyeom whispered softly while sucking on Sohee’s earlobe. “Do not cry. It’s late anyway, Sohee.” He became an Omega of another Alpha. Five days before the wedding, it was also her fiancée’s twin sister’s girl.

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Bridal Robbery Episode (Webnovel)

Bridal Robbery Episode
Bridal Robbery Episode

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