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Billionaire’s Secret Daughter is a  101 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Zuzu_1, which has gotten more than 42.9 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Billionaire’s Secret Daughter summary and more below.

Billionaire’s Secret Daughter Summary

She is a billionaire’s daughter in search of true love, despite all the heartbreaks she has been through…

He is a tycoon’s son looking for true love… when their paths cross will there be a great love story between these two?

“What do you think about Elias?”

Esmeralda blinked dumbly at her father, her mind turning blank.

Noticing his daughter’s expression, the older man chuckled. “I had a conversation with Patrick yesterday.”

Hearing the name of her father’s dear friend, Esmeralda’s heart dropped. She didn’t have a good feeling about where this conversation was going.

“He had brought up a brilliant suggestion.” Her father’s eyes practically sparkled with excitement, a direct contrast to the building dread in Esmeralda’s stomach. “My dear, how do you feel about marrying Elias?”

Elias was Patrick’s son, someone that Esmeralda had grown up with. However, that was all he was to her. Elias is just a friend and nothing more to her.

“I don’t like Elias that way, Dad.” Esmeralda frowned.

“You don’t?” Mr. Fernandez asked after hearing his daughter’s reply.

Esmeralda exhaled. “Dad, look, Elias and I are just friends. Nothing more.”

“But you two were so close growing up. It would be a good match, Esmeralda,” her father said.

Silently, Esmeralda tightly clenched her fists at her sides, trying her best to contain herself. Her father was always like this– once he had made a decision, he wouldn’t listen to any other suggestions, even if he was the one that had asked for those differing opinions in the first place.

“But Dad–“

“Who knows?” Mr. Fernandez cut in before Esmeralda could finish her sentence. “As the saying goes, no good relationship starts without a good friendship first. After your marriage, you might both develop feelings for each other.”

“Elias and I–“

Ignoring her, he continued, “The boy might even welcome the arrangement. We always thought that he had a thing for you.”

With a wink, Mr. Fernandez stood up from his seat.

“Try talking to him first so that we can get an idea of what he feels about this arrangement, alright? If he has feelings for you, it wouldn’t be too bad an idea to get married,” he said.

Walking over, he gave his daughter’s shoulder a light squeeze. All Esmeralda felt were the chains on her body tightening. She didn’t want this marriage; she didn’t need to be bound by it. However, nothing she was saying was getting through to her father.

“I’m sure that after you see how much he loves you and how good he is, you will eventually learn to love him too.”

With those final words, Mr. Fenandez left the room, leaving his daughter to simmer in the aftershock of the news he had just dropped on her.

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Billionaire’s Secret Daughter (Webnovel)

Billionaire's Secret Daughter
Billionaire’s Secret Daughter

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