Between Them by Cassandra Davy

Between Them is a 41 Chapters LGBT+ novel by Cassandra Davy, which has gotten more than121.4K views on moboreader. Read Between Them summary and more below.

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Between Them Sunmmary

I gasped as he took my hand that was holding the towel, making it dropped and I was naked in front of him. “So young and beautiful, tell me…what’s your name kitten?” “Claire.” I breathed my answer. “I’m David, I want you to scream my name when I let you come. You understand me, kitten?” Promiscuous Series: Book 1: Between Them Book 2: The Lovers Book 3: The Desire I’m loving their company. I wouldn’t advise this kind of relationship to anyone else unless you’re ready to face the consequences. Most of the time you would end up sated, sore, and pleasured. For the rest, you have to handle jealousy and drama. How long will this relationship last? Let’s find out, shall we? Warning! Extreme 18++ strong language, explicit scenes

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Between Them
Between Them

Lydia Owusu0

Are there no laws preventing Student Teacher sexual relationships?

Lydia Owusu0

This is great

Lydia Owusu0

She is about to experience something new

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