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Battery voltage level indicator simulation using LM3914 Dot/Bar graph driver

In this tutorial, you will learn how to simulate voltage level indicator using the LM3914 Dot/Bar graph Driver. The LM3914 is a monolithic analog controlled LED driver IC as well as its counterpart the LM3916, the difference between the both is that the LM3916 gives a logarithmic output scale, while the LM3914 gives a linear output scale, this makes the LM3916 suitable for volume unit (VU) meter. The IC can drive 10+ LEDs. One interesting thing about the IC is that it can be configured into either a dot output mode or a bar graph output mode.

To carry out the simulation Proteus, you must have installed Proteus in your computer and then pick the following components to make the connection:

  1. LM3914
  2. 12 volts battery (active)
  3. 3 LED-RED (active)
  4. 3 LED-BLUE (active)
  5. 3 LED-YELLOW (active)
  6. 1 LED-GREEN (active)
  7. 10K Potentiometer (active)
  8.  2.2K Resistor
  9. 18K Resistor
  10. DC Voltmeter
  11. SPST Switch (active)

Note that the active components must be selected to give real-time simulation. See full video of the simulation below

In the subsequent tutorial, I will design the real circuit and make a video tutorial as well.

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