Anurak, Let Me Love You

Anurak, Let Me Love You Summary

Anurak, Let Me Love You – When Anurak was young, his father became a toyboy for a gang leader and even abandoned his family for another woman.

His mother died when he was 10. But before her death, she planted some notions in his mind.
Notions that gay men are husband snatchers and evil.
Notions that a true man can only depend on himself.
Notions that a man can only love one woman.
These notions turned Anurak into an overly sensitive young boy, who would rather suffer in silence than ask for help.

Because he didn’t want to disappoint his late mother, he tried his best to adhere to her principles.

Everything was fine until he entered the university.
First, gaymen lurked everywhere he turned to and the sight of them made it very hard for him to keep ignoring his true feelings.

Then his girlfriend broke up with him and the only man who made him tempted enough to break his principles decided to force things…

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Anurak, Let Me Love You (Webnovel)

Anurak, Let Me Love You
Anurak, Let Me Love You

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