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An Alpha’s Instinct is a 50 Chapters novel by Anisa Worthington, which has gotten more than 81.9 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read An Alpha’s Instinct summary and more below

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An Alpha’s Instinct Summary

An Alpha’s Instinct – Summer break to Erin Storm involves photography, hanging out with friends, and cramming as much partying as he can into three months before the college semester starts up again. However, meeting the mysterious and handsome newcomer Victor Lovelace at a party throws a wrench in those plans as Erin is introduced to a supernatural world driven by two things – fate and instinct. A family secret lurks beneath the surface of their relationship, threatening to expose Erin to a world he has never known before but belongs to.

How much is Victor willing to sacrifice to be with Erin?

Will Erin be able to overlook the absurdity of werewolves being real?

Fate and instinct play a dangerous game in this story as Erin and Victor navigate their heart’s desires while secret rebellions, manipulation tactics, and past grievances try to keep them apart.

An Alpha’s Instinct is created by Anisa Worthington, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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An Alpha’s Instinct (Webnovel)

An Alpha's Instinct
An Alpha’s Instinct

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