Alpha Baylor

Alpha Baylor By Artemas J R Broyles

Alpha Baylor Summary

What’s better than friendship and laughter? Going on a life changing journey with those friends. Baylor is a 15 year old human boy who was orphaned a two when he was the only survivor of a car crash. U.S. authorities couldn’t find any relatives to send Baylor home to, so they placed him in the Monroeville orphanage in Boston, Massachusetts. He and his two best friends escaped the orphanage when he was 13 and ran to Silverthorne, Colorado. When he turns 16, Baylor starts hearing a ‘voice’ in his head. Believing that the marajuana he smoked the night before his birthday was laced with something extra, he tells no one about what’s happening in his head. Then a stranger from his homeland shows up and asks if the voice has told Baylor its name yet. That’s when Baylor’s life gets turned upside down. He’s told that he is the missing Alpha Heir of a scattered wolf pack in Ireland and that he needs to come home to take his birthright and reunite the pack. Baylor and his friends are skeptical, but they have always stuck together. Will Baylor and his friends believe and follow this man back to Ireland? Can he reunite the pack and defeat the King of Rogues who sent the pack into hiding in the first place? Will there be a little love along the way? Time will tell if Baylor can become the answer to the pack problems and be the Alpha he was born to be.

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Alpha Baylor
Alpha Baylor

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