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A Witch’s Precious Son is a 139 Chapters Fantasy novel by MK20, which has gotten more than 19.3 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read A Witch’s Precious Son summary and more below.

A Witch’s Precious Son Summary

Born from a line of witches, Igram Rivers was the only male child born of the Santris Witch Coven. A male child was frowned upon and was considered an abomination especially that they were born without magic. In order to hide his gender, his mother Fiona, cast a shapeshifting spell that gave him the ability to shapeshift into anyone. But his shifting had a life span.
However, Igram was not happy with hiding from his real identity. When he was just a teen, he ran away from the coven and began a life of stealing rich people’s identities. But what happens when he steals and shapeshifts into a cold-hearted billionaire not knowing it was his last shift and he gets stuck in a body of a vile murderous Satanic man being haunted by the Authorities and his cult?

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A Witch’s Precious Son (Webnovel)

A Witch's Precious Son
A Witch’s Precious Son

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