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A Star’s Destiny is a 52 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Ruru_Mont, which has gotten more than 7.6 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read A Star’s Destiny summary and more below.

A Star’s Destiny Summary

A girl with cursed blood.
A boy destined to drain her to death.
A destiny made to be broken.

He’s after her.

Just one bite,
One drop,
One dark power,
A curse of a lifetime.

Stella, the daughter of the stars, is a divinity doomed to die and be reborn every fifty years. Each time she is resurrected, she is sent back into human society to await her inevitable doom. On the other hand, as a young adult who has fallen in love with a shapeshifter by mistake, she begins to doubt the destinies and resist the destined path that has been set out for her. Can she protect the lives of the people she cares about from the world where kismet controls everyone’s beginning and end when she can barely protect herself?

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A Star’s Destiny  (Webnovel)

A Star's Destiny
A Star’s Destiny

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