A Miracle from God

A miracle from God

In today’s bible study, we will discuss a life-transforming bible nugget that will change our lives for good. The title of today’s bible study is “A Miracle from God.

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Bible Study Passage

To start with, let us examine a passage from the bible. In the book of Exodus chapter 4 verse 19, God said to Moses, “go back to Egypt, for all those who wanted to kill you are dead.

An analysis of this statement, calls for a deeper scrutiny. Could it be that The Almighty God in his infinite power cannot protect Moses in Egypt from those that wanted him dead? Why must God wait until those people that wanted to kill Moses died before sending Moses back to Egypt? Why should that be a condition that must be met before Moses can go back to Egypt? What is the lesson for us in all these? Why couldn’t God perform a miracle to realize all these at once?

A Miracle from God

Well, the truth is that, we always want God to perform miracles, even if it is not is necessary. We always want a miracle from God.

To start with, everything that happens in our lives is a miracle. The life we live is a miracle from God, being able to read this article is a miracle from God. However, we always single out certain events and term them miracle, when in the actual sense all events in our lives can be seen as a miracle. Let’s take certain events as an example, the children of Israel who were born in the desert where manna was falling, saw the manna that fell from heaven as a normal thing. They did not see manna falling from heaven as anything special, it was the men that witnessed the first time manna fell that considered it a miracle. Again, when these same children entered the land of Canaan and saw plants grow the first time, the considered it a miracle because they are not used to seeing such. Moreover, Caleb and Joshua who were used to planting and harvesting, saw the growth of crops as a normal thing.

It seems that what we consider as a miracle from God is when something that do not usually happen occurs. This goes to prove that every event in our lives is a miracle from God.

The truth is that those things we humans regard as a miracle from God, those things we think are special events happen only when necessary. Technically, we can say that, “God performs miracles only when they are necessary,” otherwise, He would allow events to take their natural course, just they way we would define events we think are not special.

Remember that God provided Manna for the Israelites in the wilderness, because they could not farm nor cultivate in the desert; but when the Israelites entered the promised land where they could plant crops, manna seized to fall. Miracle from God comes only when there is a pressing need for them to occur.

It would cost God nothing to kill all the men that wanted to harm Moses, neither would it be a difficult task for God to miraculously free the Israelites from Egypt, instead, God preferred to wait for the appropriate time.

There is a Time for Everything

This goes also to teach us that there is a time for everything under the heaven. Rushing to act, when not necessary, could result in unfavorable and damaging consequences.

Sometimes, when we pray and request something from God, if He doesn’t give us immediately, it does not mean he did not hear our prayers; perhaps, he is waiting for the appropriate time to give us what we asked for. In such a situation, as a believer, you do not have to complain, just wait on the Lord, at the right time God will do it.

Be patient my friend for God is involved in your case and He is aware of your situation, it will only take some time, but at the appropriate moment, God will make a way where there is no way. At the appointed time, you will receive the miracle from God as you desired.

Stay strong and be patient for God will never forsake you. Take this as a message of hope and remain blessed, may the good Lord hasten our salvation and blessings. Amen.

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