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A Knight in Tokyo is a 36 Chapters Fantasy novel by bigbear51, which has gotten more than  20.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read A Knight in Tokyo summary and more below.

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A Knight in Tokyo Summary

Eimir is a powerful knight of his kingdom. His reputation preceded him as the boy became known for his combat prowess and good deeds among the land. Which is why it was no surprise that he would be the one to battle an evil demon wizard. However, as the fight ended, a spell was cast that sent him to an unknown world called Earth.

Now adopted into a new family, he finds himself into a new and tougher challenge, high school. And maybe some things that might threaten the peace on Earth. But hey, that’s just life for him.

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A Knight in Tokyo (Webnovel)

A Knight in Tokyo
A Knight in Tokyo

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